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Following years of overusage of antibiotics in livestock and dairy farming, among others, various bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics. Recent developments have thus shown us that the use of antibiotics in livestock farming is under immense pressure as governments requires livestock farmers to use fewer antibiotics in order to prevent resistance from building up even more than it already has and to further promote corporate social responsibility. For example, the Dutch governments launched a programme in 2009, aiming to reduce the use of antibiotics.

AHV was founded in 2014 and ever since, our mission has remained the same: to support farms and farmers by producing and developing complementary animal feeds on a natural and scientific basis, in order to improve the health and well-being of their animals. At the same time, we aim to make a significant contribution to sustainability, efficiency, cost savings, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility: the introduction of natural AHV products has enabled various farms worldwide to work almost or even totally free of antibiotics. 

Our innovative products are used by many cattle and dairy farmers in, among other countries, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Korea, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Vietnam.


Our guiding principle is that our business operations are based on our sector’s ideology, as we strive to provide the best tools for sustainable animal health care by introducing the new approach of new pharma. Our aim is what we stand for: making a real contribution to the health, well-being and welfare of your animals, cost reduction and therefore ultimately your purse and job satisfaction. 

Using AHV products, you increase the resistance and well-being of your animals in an animal, people and nature-friendly and cost-efficient way. For today, tomorrow and the future, so that together we can ensure that you and subsequent generations of dairy farmers remain the driving force behind our society.

Because we believe that solutions from nature go hand in hand with science, we bring ‘caring’ and ‘curing’ together in our new pharma-approach: Nature is the cure.


The expertise of veterinarians with more than 25 years of experience is our core pillar. Our team consists of people from your agricultural sector. This is why we work animal, farmer and industry-driven.


Based on our experience in agriculture, we bring 'caring' and 'curing' together in our new approach 'New Pharma'. We shape this new way of thinking in our sector in our mission: Nature is the cure.


We bring smart and cost-saving solutions from our lab to your farm with our innovative, sustainable products, which are based on the revolutionary 'Quorum Sensing' science.


All AHV products are certified according to the following standards:
Our use of antibiotics has been reduced to nearly zero since we started treating with AHV products.

J. van Kempen, dairy farmer (Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands)


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Antibiotics are medicines which wipe out bacteria or stop their growth in order to give the body’s own immune system time to eliminate an infection. However, the usage of antibiotics in livestock farming involves risks for people and animals: the frequent use of antibiotics in livestock farming leads to bacterial resistance (Mevius, 2008). This makes it harder to treat infections with these bacteria and ultimately antibiotics don’t work any longer. The presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria also creates a direct and indirect risk for public health. Incorrect use and overuse of antibiotics in livestock and dairy farming has contributed to this problem. 

There is a direct risk from resistant bacteria which are transferrable to the consumer via food, drinking water, direct contact or the environment and which can make them ill. There is also an indirect risk when animals have resistance genes in intestinal bacteria, for example in E-coli, which are transferrable to human intestinal flora. The consequences of overusing antibiotics in livestock and dairy farming have resulted in a global debate, despite positive developments in reducing the use of antibiotics. The example of epidemic Q fever (2005-2010) in the Netherlands showed that some animal diseases can pose a serious threat to human health (CLO, 2017) and since the same antibiotics are used in both livestock farming and in human health care, a loss of effective antibiotics is also a risk for people.

According to FIDIN (Veterinary Pharmacy Association), the expenditure of veterinary medicines rose from 250 million euros in 2010 to 300 million euros in 2015. Nevertheless, veterinarians note that they increasingly, for financial reasons, do not go to the veterinarian or too late, refrain from treatment or cut back on costs for preventive care. This creates a dichotomy between people who want and can go to the limit and people who can no longer pay for even the basic care.


AHV products are developed based on the revolutionary science ‘Quorum Sensing’, which was discovered by Bonnie L. Bassler (professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University, USA). This science explains how bacteria work together by communicating with each other via substances that they release: signal molecules. This means actions of bacteria are also not like a loose projectile. Bacteria coordinate their actions together and behave more like a swarm of bees or a group of ants: together they are stronger. Through biochemical communication, these bacteria know how many similar bacteria there are in the area. This is called ‘quorum sensing’. Quorum sensing is thus the ability of bacteria to sense how large the population of similar micro-organisms is, and whether it is large enough to attack certain other micro-organisms.

When bacteria are alone their signal molecules are strongly diluted. But when they are together with many, the concentration becomes so high that the substances end up on appropriate receptor molecules of the bacterial cell. This also applies to bacteria that cause disease in your animals, for example the production of a protective biofilm or the production of toxins: diseases are therefore the result of good communication between bad bacteria. AHV products, based on biochemical communication, increase the natural resistance of your animal by clearing or removing the communication molecules of bacteria, so that their process of quorum sensing gets disturbed and disrupted. 

The population of ‘harmful’ or ‘bad’ bacteria can then in theory be large enough to attack the body or cause other damage, but an action will not follow. This is because they no longer know how large their own population is and whether it’s large enough to be able to attack efficiently, while they are being stopped and defused by the improved immune system of your animal.


Based on biochemical communication, AHV products increase the natural resistance and immune system of your animal by clearing or removing the communication between 'harmful' bacteria, so that their Quorum Sensing gets disturbed.

In this animation we show the operation and effects of AHV products, using an example case of a problematic situation in the udder of a cow. This case is also comparable to, for example, a problem situation in the respiratory system of a calf. By clicking the image you can play this infomercial.


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